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許善賣旗日(香港區) 義工招募

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Join Xu Shan Charitable June 8. 2024 Flag Day



報名日期: 現在至2024年5月10日

領取日期:2024年5月20日至6月1日 (開放時間: 星期一至五: 上午10時至下午5時,星期六: 上午9時至中午12時,公眾假期及星期日不開放)

本會將於交旗袋時發出感謝證書予賣旗義工, 以表謝意。

Xu Shan Charity Fund

"Hui Shan" was established to raise Hong Kong people's awareness of China's intangible cultural heritage through education and activities. At the same time, it will also pay attention to groups in need in the society, such as grassroots residents, etc., to provide them with support and relief, spread and continue the caring spirit, and release positive energy

Hui Shan Charitable Foundation Limited (referred to as "Xu Shan Charity Fund" or "Xu Shan")

Pursuant to the Companies Ordinance in Hong Kong  (p.  622  chapter)  At  2019  year  7  moon  twenty two  A non-profit organization incorporated in Japan

and in accordance with the Inland Revenue Ordinance No.  88  Charities exempted from tax (IR 91/17085)

Lu Zongchi

2nd President

Xu Shan Charity Fund

Chairman's words

It is with a spirit of competition and joy that I write the chairman's words for the Xu Shan Charity Foundation ("Xu Shan"). Although "Xu Shan" has not been established for a long time, we have been serving the Hong Kong community in a practical manner since the past.


Adhering to the purpose of our "Xu Shan" to promote China's intangible cultural heritage, we have held "I Want to Inherit "Intangible Cultural Heritage" in schools many times, not only to enable participating students and friends to increase their awareness of China's intangible cultural heritage The knowledge of cultural heritage has brought into play the spirit of inheritance; these workshops can enable the participating instructors and volunteers to review the past and learn new things, and have a deeper understanding of China's intangible cultural heritage.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak in  2020  It broke out in Hong Kong at the beginning of the year, and many planned events had to be postponed. Even so, this does not affect "Xu Shan"'s will to care and serve the society. we at  2020  year  2  Starting this month, masks, test kits and other anti-epidemic materials will be distributed to the public in need, to fight against phlegm and epidemic together with the public in the neighborhood.

In addition to sending anti-epidemic materials, "Xu Shan" also regularly sends "lucky bags" full of blessings and fulfillment before Chinese festivals such as the Winter Solstice, Spring Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival. The "lucky bag" is not only about supplies, but also a warm feeling in the world!

Our "Xu Shan" is like a newborn baby, still learning and moving forward through ups and downs. Our team will continue to work hard to do a little bit for the society, serve community groups in need, and promote intangible cultural heritage. , to build a harmonious community!

Being able to make a little contribution to the Hong Kong community in a short period of time after its establishment really depends on the help of a group of sponsors, mentors, volunteer teams and co-organizers that participated. Their dedication and selfless contributions have really inspired us as a newly established charity and have filled us with a sense of success and joy for our organization, thank them!

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