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Mr. Hui Pui Wing

Mr. Xu has been a Chinese chef for decades, and his culinary skills are outstanding. He is known as the *cross* century chef. He has spared no effort in the art of Chinese cooking, which is one of the inheritance of Chinese culture and art. After retirement, *will continue to put this passion *to *invest* in charitable services and give back to the society. *Mr. Xu* hosted the "Charity Private House Banquet" for "Xu Shan"; to thank the good people who supported "Xu Shan".


Lawyer Leung Po Yee

Lawyer Liang Baoyi, Lawyer Liang has been participating in various types of charitable work for many years, especially providing free legal advice and promoting legal knowledge to the public, so as to prevent the public from accidentally falling into the legal network. Chairman of the Law Week organized by the Law Society of Hong Kong. Attorney Liang is fascinated by various types of Chinese culture and art, and hopes to contribute to its inheritance. l


Lawyer Lu Zongchi

Mr. Lui is a practicing solicitor in Hong Kong. His philanthropic journey has begun since his college years. While studying at the University of Hong Kong, Mr. Lui served as the chairman of the Rotary Youth Service Corps of the University of Hong Kong, which organizes various types of charitable activities every year. After graduation, Mr. Lu continued to participate in various charitable activities organized by various organizations.


Ms. Leung Po-ying

Ms. Leung is a certified public accountant in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. For more than 20 years, she has never stopped participating in various types of voluntary work, especially in Scouting activities and the establishment of her corporate charity work committee.

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