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Introduction of Xu Shan Charitable Foundation

Mission and Purpose    Promoting Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Hong Kong Community

The establishment of "Xu Shan Charity Fund" aims to promote Hong Kong people's awareness of China's intangible cultural heritage. "Xu Shan" will promote Chinese intangible cultural heritage in the community through education promotion, event organization, etc. "Xu Shan" is particularly concerned about the awareness and education of young people on China's intangible cultural heritage. Therefore, "Xu Shan" has a mission to intervene among young people through multimedia tools to promote their understanding of China's intangible cultural heritage, so that Hong Kong The community, especially the young people, can learn more about Chinese traditional culture and spirit, and can pass it on. At the same time, the "Xu Shan Charity Fund" will also pay attention to groups in need in the society, such as grassroots residents, natural disasters and hardships, etc., to provide them with support and relief, spread and continue the spirit of caring, release positive energy, and build a relationship with each other. A harmonious and inclusive community.

Play the role of cultural transmitter

As mentioned above, the important goal of the establishment of the "Xu Shan Charity Fund" is to promote and educate the intangible cultural heritage in the community, hoping that more citizens can pass on this important culture. Therefore, we especially focus on promoting Chinese intangible culture among the younger generation, so that they can be exposed to and know more about intangible cultural heritage from an early age, so that they can cherish and continue the life of culture!

Introduction of Xu Shan Charitable Foundation

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